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The Center for Functional Health and Wellness

We integrate each patient's history, laboratory studies, and lifestyle factors, to customize effective and personalized treatment plans, for their care. Our methods treat the entire person by combining nutrition, hormone balance, and education, to achieve our goals.

We help our patients implement lifestyle change through our mentoring techniques.

Our use of this sophisticated diagnosis and treatment model can lead to dramatically improved outcomes and has proven to be a powerful approach to prevention and reversal of disease.

Our primary goals at the Center are to:


Identify the underlying cause of your health problem


Formulate a wellness plan, to reduce or eliminate,​ your symptoms the need for prescription medication.


Develop a strategy for effective lifestyle change

We help address numerous medical problems such as

And more listed here.

We have helped many people reduce their symptoms, reduce the need for prescription drugs, and lead happier and more productive lifestyle! 

Our Patients Have Had Remarkable Results


Reduction/Elimination of Prescription Medication Use


Reduction in A1C Levels in our Diabetic Patients


Experience Increased Energy Levels


Experience an Improvement In Gut Function


Experiencing Better Quality Sleep


Increased Clarity of Thought (Reduced Brain Fog)


Enjoy Better Overall Health


Experience a Reduction In Pain


Experience a Reduction In Fatigue


And many more...

How Our Process Works

The process starts with a one-on-one meeting with Dr. Chatman. She will review your patient questionnaire, medical history, and current medications. 

Based on your specific medical complaint, a personalized plan will be developed to address your health concerns.

We focus on your 5 pillars of health


It is incredibly important to remember that everything you eat serves as fuel for your body in order for it to operate properly. We understand that many times food can be used as medicine. However, the wrong foods may lead to inflammation and disease.

Our programs are designed to help you make proper food choices and teach you how to create and maintain a healthier you.


Implementing a regimen of exercise is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your body.  

At The Center for Functional Health and Wellness we host online exercise classes to teach you exercises that are specifically chosen to promote weight loss and detoxification. Regular exercise enhances mental health and promotes the release of endorphins, which are responsible for feelings of happiness.

Hormone Balance

Maintaining the proper hormonal balance is critical for the health and wellness of your body. With improper hormonal balance, your body can experience a number of symptoms and can cause damage to your body. At The Center For Functional Health and Wellness one of our first steps is to test for hormonal imbalances.


​Detoxing your body means ridding yourself from toxic items and chemicals that you put in your body. In essence, you are cleaning out the current toxins in your body to give it a fresh start. At The Center for Functional Health and Wellness we can design a program that is right for your specific needs to reduce your toxic burden. 


At The Center for Functional Health and Wellness, we offer an online health education curriculum. We understand that proper health education is the key to your long term success.

Understanding how your lifestyle may be impacting your health is the first step to long term health and wellness.

Hear From Our Patients

Some of our past patients have called us saviors and said we were their last resort. If you have gone to doctor after doctor and do not feel your are getting the help you need, please contact us.

If it is your desire to reduce or even eliminate the need for prescription drugs to treat your symptoms, please contact us. If you would like to start feeling better both physically and mentally, please contact us.

All Fibromyalgia Pain Gone!

How Kim got her life back. All fibromyalgia pain Gone!!!

Increased Energy Levels

Molly was exhausted 24/7 before joining the program. She experienced mood swings and her symptoms have reduced.

Stopped prescription medication

Kim was able to stop prescription medication

Dr. Chatman's Awards

Sylmara Chatman M.D.

Michigan’s First Doctor of Lifestyle Medicine

Family Medicine Board Certified
Functional Medicine Specialist
Founder of The Center For Functional Health and Wellness

Family physician Dr Sylmara Chatman who practices in Southfield, Michigan, designed her family practice with the patient in mind. With more than 27 years of experience, she treats each patient with an approach that takes into consideration the mind, body, and soul, and offers a wide range of services to help men and women in Southfield and the surrounding communities look and feel their best.

Launching the "Body and Wellness Program," Dr. Chatman uses a comprehensive and refreshing approach to body transformation which addresses mind-set, nutrition, fitness, and hormone balance. She incorporates traditional and natural medicine, education, hormone balance, and permanent weight control to customize a lifestyle program uniquely for each patient. A majority of her patients report improved sleep, improved blood sugars, reduction in prescription medication, an overall improved sense of well-being, less fatigue and weight loss, just to name a few. 

In 2003 and 2004, Dr. Chatman published her research on asthma in the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology. Due to the success of her wellness programs, she was inducted into The Leading Physicians of the World in 2018; Trademark Women of Distinction, Honors Edition 2018; Healthcare Innovations Award at the Harvard Club of Boston in July of 2018; as well as shared the stage with George Ross of the Apprentice and Caitlyn Jenner in July of 2018. She also made numerous television appearances as a medical expert for Channels 2 and 4, in which she discussed current health topics and relevant preventative health and wellness recommendations.

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