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Dr Sylmara

All Fibromyalgia Pain Gone!

How Kim got her life back. All fibromyalgia pain Gone!!!

An Abundance Of Energy

Rufus said “I can dance again.”

Ashlyn's Journey

Ashlyn created this inspiring video testimonial with the hope that she, through her own journey, can inspire others.

Awesome weight loss in one month

Joan’s testimonials

Can run with two year old daughter

Jermaines testimonial

Clarity Of Thought

Carrie sharing her results from the program with Dr. Chatman.


Sherrie Is Now Pain Free

Fibromyalgia-NO MORE PAIN

Fibromyalgia-NO MORE PAIN

Food Sensitivities, Gut Health

Gayle talks about successfully completing her journey with Dr. Chatman's food sensitivities program.

Healthy gut

Testimony from Don sharing the results of Dr. Chatman's Gut Health program.

Hormonal Imbalance and Gut Health

Testimony from Judy about her successful results from Dr. Chatman's health and wellness program.

How I Got My Life Back

Testimony from Diana S.

Increased Energy Levels

Molly was exhausted 24/7 before joining the program. She experienced mood swings and her symptoms have reduced.

Karena Lost 35 Pounds in 2 Months

When hormone levels are not in sync the body can produce belly fat.

Multiple Scoliosis

Brenda sharing her results from the program with Dr. Chatman

No more migraines

No more migraines, lost 13 lbs in 2weeks and more

Reduction in insulin

Scott share's his early successes with Dr. Chatman and how he's doing with the program.

Sharron Improved Longevity By 100%

Sharron was diagnosed with cyanophilic oesophagitis and colitis and experienced a massive change in physical health.

Stopped prescription medication

Kim was able to stop prescription medication

Walking Without Being Short of Breadth

Mother and daughter talks about there experience after being in the program after 2 months.

Before the program I felt horrible, I feel much better now. I have discovered a lot of foods that don’t agree with me and I have eliminated them from my diet. I loss 27 lbs. when I was consistent.

Clovis S.

I started this Health functional program with pain in my left lower stomach abdominal area and now I cannot feel the pain and disease in that area. The detox cleanse has helped me but I am definitely going to continue to detox. I know that my leaky gut needs to improved moreover. This program has and still is a benefit to my health. My balance has improved too. I thank Dr. Chatman for her concern for the wellbeing of human beings.

Edna T

The first time I heard the lecture by Dr. Chatman was the first time I heard the term “functional medicine”. Sitting in the crowd, listening to a “new” term like this and learning about a process that examines “root causes” of ailments patients experience was something that caught my attention right away while I thought I discovering something that would fix my “one problem” I thought I had. I never thought that the process Dr. Chatman was sharing and this experience would redirect me to look at my body (as a whole) instead of one area (a silo). While I have been in this program, I have learned about the differences between organic and conventional foods, how to read labels carefully, trigger foods, how one area of the body is interconnected with another area of the boy, healthy options and lifestyle choices, and how to grocery shop making smarter choices.

Jennifer R.

When I came to Dr a Chatman I was struggling with fatigue, sluggishness , muscle cramps, joint pains and had gained over 50 lbs. I was falling asleep at the wheel when driving and had trouble functioning at work. My Dr said I had hypothyroidism and my body isn’t making enough cortisol. In 30 days (pre-detox) I had lost 17lbs, my energy level had improved and I lost inches around my waist. My skin started glowing again. I would recommend Dr Chatman’s program because I am proof it really works. I’m excited about my 21 days of detox that starts today. I am now glowing with a purpose. Stay tuned for my post- detox update.

Joan Gordon

Very satisfied with the program. It has provided me with some dramatic life changing results. Before coming under Dr. Chatman’s care, I knew my health was poor, but didn’t imagine how poor. Been feeling amazing and only half way through. I have been exposed to knowledge and resources I never knew existed. Can’t speak highly enough about Dr. Chatman and her care and approach.

Lue A.

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